LG Studio Is Officially The Home Appliance Partner For The 2016 SF Decorator Show!

By Team Feedbaac

The LG Studio has been reportedly named as the only home appliance partner for the 2016 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, one of the nation's premier show house events. This year, the showcase home will be open to the public through May 30 and is said to be featuring more than two dozen transformed rooms and outdoor spaces along with sweeping views.

According to David VanderWaal, the vice-president of marketing, LG Electronics USA, "Partnering with a premiere design showhouse event like the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, makes perfect sense – an ideal venue at which to showcase newest introductions from our high-end LG Studio line". "LG's Studio line marries our best-in-class innovation with a truly outstanding design. The featured kitchen showcases how premium LG Studio appliances can serve as the cornerstone for a beautiful and functional kitchen", it further quotes.

The Studio Kitchen has been designed with seamless integration in mind, "highlighting clean lines and a unique, modern feel that seamlessly blends with any kitchen's decor". As per reports, the Showcase will be held at 298 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, through Memorial Day.  It will be open on Tuesdays through Sundays and will be closed on Mondays, except for the Memorial Day.