ASUS CEO confirms ZenFone 3 launch in June, shifts from Intel to Qualcomm and MediaTek chips

By Team Feedbaac

In an interview with DigiTimes, Jerry Shen, the CEO of ASUS has quoted information about the upcoming next-gen ZenFone 3 smartphone portfolio, which is aimed at the mid-range segment.


While Intel has departed from shipping smartphone makers with Atom processors, Shen hinted that the new ZenFone devices will come with MediaTek or Qualcomm processors. He also adds that over 90% of ZenFone 3 variants will mainly be based on Qualcomm SoCs, and that the shift from Intel Atom to Qualcomm processors will not affect the production capability of the company.

Shen says that the ZenFone 3 devices will officially be unveiled in June, just at the time of Computex 2016.

Via: PhoneArena