Samsung’s Smart Home Automation System Reveal Major Flaw!

By Team Feedbaac

While Samsung is going gaga over its Smart Home automation system, the reality seems vulnerable. Some recent reports have revealed a major security flaw in the brand's Smart Home system that supposedly lets the hackers unlock the doors and set off alarm. The Microsoft and Michigan researchers claim to have done four hacks against Samsung's SmartThings system, taking advantage of the brand's flawed design.

The researchers have claimed, “All of the above attacks expose a household to significant harm—break-ins, theft, misinformation, and vandalism". "The attack vectors are not specific to a particular device and are broadly applicable", they further added in their official statement. But on the other hand, Samsung claims, “The potential vulnerabilities disclosed in the report are primarily dependent on two scenarios—the installation of a malicious SmartApp or the failure of third-party developers to follow SmartThings guidelines on how to keep their code secure". 

Samsung further defended itself by claiming that the so-called "SmartApps described" will not impact their customers "because of the certification and code review processes SmartThings has in place to ensure malicious SmartApps are not approved for publication". According to the researchers, about "55 percent of the 499 SmartApps" were over privileged. This means the company did not use "at least some of the device rights that were requested".

Via: Arstechnica