Google’s new Duo video calling app lets you see the caller, before accepting their call

By Team Feedbaac

You read that right folks! At the Google I/O 2016, Google showcased a new video calling application for Android and iOS, called “Duo”. Apart from the fact that Duo video calls can be tuned up to 720p HD quality, users can actually take a live video preview of the caller, before attending their call.

Google markets the feature as “Knock Knock”. Think of it as your cyber peephole. Google Duo will seamlessly transition calls between WiFi and cellular connections. Google also states that the Duo video calls are end-to-end encrypted. Google Duo’s account creation will be based on the user’s phone number, and users can interact with other numbers present in their phonebook.

Google Duo is set to be available later this summer. Check out the demo bellow:


Source: Google Blog