Lenovo teases a nostalgic RAZR ad, might unveil a new flip-phone on June 9th

By Team Feedbaac

Lenovo might be on the verge to bring back iconic smartphones in today’s market. Surprisingly, they rolled out a new YouTube ad of the famous Motorola RAZR flip-phone, taking us back in our young days of fun.

The ad simply shows a couple of teenagers using the RAZR phone for texting acronyms, taking selfies, and answering calls with just a flip. The video also shows the date as June 9th, 2016, which could possibly mean that Lenovo might just resurrect the Moto RAZR. Or it could just be an ad to promote the popularity of the brand, and how many generations has it passed through.

Regardless, it would be cool to see a new next-gen, super thin, RAZR flip-smartphone running Android OS out of the box. Stay tuned to find out more.