Get smartphones as low as AED 20 per month with Etisalat’s new Business Devices Program

By Team Feedbaac

UAE telecom provider Etisalat has started a new campaign called the Business Devices Program, small and medium business users can get smartphones starting from AED 20 per month, depending on the brand and model.

Smartphones such as the Xiaomi 16GB Redmi 2E is offered for AED 20 per month, for a 24-month installment plan. The Apple iPhone SE 16GB will cost about AED 75/month, and the 64GB for AED 95/month, all again for a 2-year installment plan.

If you’re looking for flagship smartphones, the 16GB Apple iPhone 6s will come to AED 115/m, and the 16GB Apple iPhone 6s Plus for AED 140/m. Android users can opt for the Samsung Galaxy S7 for just AED 110/month, and the Galaxy S7 Edge for AED 120/month.

These products don’t come with the usual business services of Etisalat, that’s why they have offered as stand-alone options. Etisalat will also offer other products such as laptops, desktops, tablets, multifunction printers, projectors, servers, smart TV’s video conferencing systems, surveillance cameras, and so on.

Laptops meant for business starts at AED 55/m for a 36-month instalment plan, such as the HP 250 G4. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro can be availed for AED 60/month. The new service from Etisalat offers free delivery of the products for all devices at the customer’s destination.