Blackberry Venice is officially called the Priv

By Vinu Varughese

Blackberry who is known for their secure smartphone portfolio, has finally confirmed that they have been working with Google to create an Android smartphone. The Blackberry Venice slider which has been running on the rumor mill for months with leaked images is now officially called by Blackberry Priv. The name “Priv” indicates that the device is tuned for security, privacy and productivity features not seen on any other Android smartphone.

All said, the Blackberry Priv which is expected to be launched later this year will be the only smartphone today to come with a physical slide-on keyboard. Blackberry smartphone keyboards have been considered to be the best keyboards in the mobile platform for years, and an Android powered Blackberry device will be definitely a game changer. The Priv is expected to feature a 5.4-inch display with curved edges that’s similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Snapdragon 808 processor, 18MP camera, and Blackberry based apps preloaded on Android OS.