The dubizzle mobile app now lets you chat with sellers and buyers, and bid for offers

By Team Feedbaac

dubizzle, one of the biggest classified platforms in the UAE, has recently introduced new features on their mobile application that will help buyers and sellers to interact better. The dubizzle mobile app now allows buyers to chat with the sellers in real-time.

Users will also be able to submit a better price deal by tapping the “Make an Offer” button. This alerts the seller regarding a bid for their products. Additionally, users will not need to share their mobile numbers as the live chat option will omit the need to send the usual SMS requests.

“Mobile phones have become our main source of information and communication in todays ‘always on’ society, overtaking desktop usage” said Razan Al-Masri, the Mobile Product Marketing Manager at dubizzle. “Through our most recent app enhancements, we’ve aimed to give our users a faster, interactive and more streamlined app experience”.

He also added “The Middle East and Africa region’s mobile phone user base is now second only to that in Asia-Pacific, and the UAE has the highest per captia mobile phone penetration in the region, at 80.6% of the population”

You can also sign-in dubizzle app using your Facebook account.