A tour through the futuristic Flux innovation lounge

By Team Feedbaac

When it’s time for you to demonstrate your greatest work, you would be better off showcasing it in style. In Courtesy of HTC, we have been invited to check out a stylish space, called the Flux innovation lounge where you can showcase your latest developments with futuristic technologies.

The Flux innovation lounge is jointly created by Engage Works, a creative digital agency, along with a brand agency called the StartJG, and is located in Arenco Tower, Dubai Media City. Flux is meant to drive insights and knowledge, and to trigger conversations, ideas and innovations of the “art of possible” among bright minds. It even gives users the opportunity to try out the latest technologies such as 3D printing, 3D displays, advanced shopping solutions, multi-monitor interactions, and advanced user interfaces that seem to be the future. Leading brands are welcome to visit the lounge for demonstrations, workshops, collaborative workings, and experimental marketing.

This time, we mainly came to check out the latest VR headsets showcased at the lounge: The Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. Engage Works played breathtaking virtual reality experiences on the VR headsets, such as to be in the middle of an all-out warzone between soldiers and a large alien-like robot on the Oculus Rift, and exploration of the sea atop a sunk ship with the HTC Vive. On the warzone, the experience made us feel like we are in the middle of explosions, see a bullet smash through armor, etc. On the sea exploration VR with the HTC Vive, we could get up close with all sorts of fishes, including up and close to a whale, its teeth and eyes.

There were other games with the HTC Vive as well, such as a Zombie game, and a space based shooter, where you can shoot using the included Vive controllers.