Moto Z and MotoMods takes on the LG G5, Lenovo unveils the Phab2 Pro Tango smartphone, New Apple MacBook Pro with secondary OLED screens expected, and more

By Team Feedbaac

Another great week has passed by folks, with more news and rumors emerging in the consumer technology market. We now are here now to summarize the best tech news that has happened throughout the week.

  • After several rumors and leaks, Motorola has finally taken the wraps of the Moto Z smartphone series. The new Moto Z is now the world’s thinnest smartphone, featuring a thickness of just 5.19mm, and made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. There is a second smartphone called the Moto Z Force that sports a shatterproof glass, but is a bit thicker than the Moto Z.


  • The main feature of the new Moto Z series smartphones is its modular capability to snap in different mods for more possibilities. Simply snap a mod behind the Moto Z/Z Force using the 16 magical pins and powerful magnets, without the need to turn off the smartphone. Motorola calls them the MotoMods. There are different MotoMods to begin with, starting with the JBL SoundBoost that holds dual 3W speakers, another MotoMod with a 2200 mAh battery, and the third with a built-in Pico-projector. Check out more details and information on the Moto Z, the Moto Z Force, and the MotoMods here.


  • Lenovo also announced three new Phab devices, called the Phab 2, the Phab2 Plus, and the Phab2 Pro. The Phab 2 and the Phab2 Plus features a 6.4-inch IPS screen with 720p/1080p resolution, quad-core processors, and Android Marshmallow OS. The main smartphone is the Phab2 Pro which is now the world’s first commercially available Google Tango smartphone. The device holds a 6.4-inch display with QHD resolution, Snapdragon 652 processor, and 4GB RAM. Apart from the presence of the 8MP front camera/16MP rear camera, there is also a motion tracking, and a depth sensing camera on the rear to support the Google Tango Augmented Reality features. Lenovo showcased several AR applications using the Phab2 Pro. Check out more of the Phab2 Pro here.


  • Lenovo also demonstrated cool new bendable display concepts that can transform smartphones to tablets or smartwatch-like wearables. One device called the CPlus is a 4.26-inch flexible display that can be bend around a wrist. The other called the Lenovo Folio, is a 7-inch tablet that can be bend to a 5.5-inch smartphone. These devices run on Android OS. Check out more here.

  • While WWDC 2016 is around the corner, Apple is expected to announce a new MacBook Pro with OLED screens on the keyboard portion. However, trusted insiders hint that Apple may not announce the new MacBook Pro for a later date. Some sources believe that that might not be the case as Apple may showcase the new models soon. Regardless of when will the new devices be launched; an overhaul of the new MacBook Pro is in order. Check out more here.


  • Bluetooth SIG is on the verge to officially announce the new Bluetooth 5 transmission standard technology on June 16th. The new standard brings in double the range, and four times the transfer speed on low energy transmissions. Expect the new Bluetooth 5.0 version to appear on future flagship smartphones later this year. Check more here.


  • For all those Nexus and hardcore Android fans, Google and Huawei are expected to launch another Huawei branded Nexus smartphone later this year. The hint was given by none other than Charlene Munilall, the General Manager of Consumer Business Group, Huawei. For now, there isn’t enough information or rumors on the new Nexus smartphone, but expect new Snapdragon processors, more RAM, new cameras, and the upcoming Android N. Click here for more.


  • While Samsung enjoys having one of the best flagship smartphones in the market, they are preparing to launch the next flagship phablets- the Galaxy Note 6. Word is it that Samsung may release two versions of the Note 6, one with an Edge panel. If you remember, the Galaxy Note 4 Edge was Samsung’s first smartphone to come with the Edge panel concept, before the Galaxy S6 Edge series appeared on the market. Expect the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 6 later after August. Know more here.


  • While rumors float around the internet about the possible port of Halo 5 for the PC platform, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no port of the popular Xbox One game for PC gamers. Click here.