Apple iOS 10 is official, features a new lock-screen with widgets

By Team Feedbaac

Apple iOS 10 will be the biggest update for iPhones and iPads, featuring an all-new lock screen, which now can hold widgets and 3D Touch capability, and a new Control Center. Apple has also announced the release of the Siri SDK for developers. This new SDK will help third-party developers to integrate Siri directly into their apps.

A new feature called QuickType is basically the integration of Siri into the Apple keyboard. The intelligent assistant will now be able to make suggestions on sharing locations, contact information, and calendar entries when replying to a message.

Similar to Google Photos, Apple’s new Photo app can now recognize faces and places using advanced computer vision technology. The new AI will be able to search for “Memories” in your phone’s storage, and highlight great trips and dates.

Apple also brings new UI changes for the Apple Music app, by making the “Library” first, while opening the app at the start. The “For You” page is no longer the start page of the app, featuring more detailed information, and the integration of “Connect” within “For You”. Apple also has revamped the “Now Playing” page with a card - type scrolling, and brings in support for lyrics.

Apple also showcased the Maps app with an “all-new design”. The company also brings heavy integration of Uber into Maps, such as searching for a restaurant using OpenTable, and then book a ride to the destination using Uber.