Apple unveils macOS with Siri, Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, OnePlus 3 announced, and more

By Team Feedbaac

Another great week has passed by folks, with more news and rumors emerging in the consumer technology market. We now are here now to summarize the best tech news that has happened throughout the week.

  • During the WWDC 2016 event hosted by Apple, the Cupertino company announced their new operating system for their Mac computers called the macOS. Apart from going away from the traditional OSX name scheming, Apple has added tons of new features for the new version, including the integration of Siri, which now allows users to use the personal assistant right from their MacBooks/Macs. Users will be able to search for files, folders, and personal queries with Siri. You will also be able to call for music, pin all your searches and Twitter feeds in the notification center. Apple also included the Apple Pay, and a universal clipboard text feature that allows users to copy from an iOS device to a Mac, or vice-versa. Click here to read more about the update.


  • Apple also officially showcased the new iOS 10 mobile OS for the iPhones and iPads. The new edition features an all-new lock screen that now can hold widgets, 3D Touch support, and a refreshed Control Centre. Apple has now integrated Siri right into the iPhone’s keyboard to offer users with suggestions like replies, contact and location sharing and calendar entries, while replying to a message. Just like Google Photos, the new Apple Photo app now can recognize faces and places using a new advanced computer technology. Click here to read more about the update.


  • OnePlus has announced their next “flagship-killer” OnePlus 3 smartphone which packs the latest Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch Optical AMOLED display with Full HD resolution, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Oxygen OS, and a 16MP camera on the rear with F2.0 lens. The device holds a 3000 mAh battery with support for fast charging called the “Dash Charge” that brings 60% battery life for 30 minutes with USB Type-C port. NFC is also included. Check out more here.


  • A new image leak thought to be a teaser from Samsung confirms the existence of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone with an Edge display. The teaser says “Write on the edge of something great” hints to the fact that users will be able to write on the edge panel using the S-Pen. Check out more.



  • A proud moment for the people of UAE, news is it that the country’s space agency has come into an agreement with NASA to cooperate in aeronautics research, exploration of outer space, space study, Earth observation, Earth science, use of spacecraft and scientific instruments, and ground based research facilities, tracking and telemetry. UAE and NASA will also be working together in discussions for future projects for the exploration of Mars. Click here for more.


  • Word is it that Apple has placed orders for LTE modems from Intel, surprisingly for the next iPhone 7 smartphone. While Apple has received supplies from Qualcomm for LTE iPhone modems, the Intel versions are apparently for the iPhones sold for the AT&T services. With Intel recently announcing the closedown of their Atom processor production, this new move should help them recover some of the losses faced by Intel’s mobile division. Check more.


  • The more surprising move comes as Microsoft has purchased LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion. While Satya Nadella will now be the main head of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner will still remain to be the CEO of the company, but reporting to the CEO Microsoft. The transaction will be complete by the end of the year. Click here.


  • At E3 2016, Microsoft has announced the all-new Xbox One S, featuring an all-new design that’s 40% slimmer than the original Xbox One. One of the best changes is the exclusion of the large and separate power brick which is now integrated in the new console, space for a 2TB HDD, and support for 4K video playback with a Blue-ray drive. There is also a new IR-blaster. Games can also be played in HDR mode. Check out more.