Google Unveils Two New Chromecast Devices

By Pratyusha Sen

Tuesday’s Google event had quite a few things in store for customers, among which were two new Chromecast devices; a second generation Chromecast stick for video streaming and a Chromecast Audio dongle.

Similar to the first Chromecast launched in 2013, the new Chromecast for video plugs in to the back of your TV set via a HDMI port. The content is then cast from the Chromecast mobile app to your TV screens. However, the new video stick comes with a few updates. It has a fresh new look which not only contributes to aesthetics, but also to functionality. The previous stick like design has given way to a round plastic shape with a bendable HDMI arm that extends from it. The design has been changed to make sure the device hangs far away from the TV and other gadgets plugged into the TV set. This reduces interference from other devices.

The Chromecast has also been updated to support modern Wi-Fi streaming standards and comes with three different antennas to make that possible. A new ‘Fast Play’ feature allow the device to pre-fetch video streaming apps like Netflix and other video content you may want to watch. Other updates include more apps and better discovery features.

The audio dongle on the other hand is a device which can connect to any speaker with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack and stream music wirelessly.

Google has already sold 20 million Chromecasts globally and with the addition of these two new sticks, it hopes to push the numbers higher.