TRA warns UAE smartphone users to be cautious of Pokemon Go that requests geographical locations

By Team Feedbaac

While Pokemon Go has captured the hearts of millions of users across the world, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has warned all smartphone users in the region to be careful when using apps that requests their location. Pokemon Go is said to be accessing the location of users which can give room for hackers to spy on their locations, thereby giving criminals an opportunity to rob innocent users when in isolated areas.

TRA also advises not to install Pokemon Go, or any other game until the software is made officially available in the regions app store. Google’s Android smartphones have the option to allow installation of apps from outside the Google PlayStore. This allows hackers, phishing and malware get installed on the smartphone along with the game, thereby allowing these rogue programs to track your location or steal your information including credit card details.

Pokemon Go uses augmented reality technology that allows users to interact with images on the screen. These technologies use geo-locating features that takes the gamer to various places in the region. TRA advices users to be careful wherever they go, while following to track Pokemons through AR interaction. This can cause fatal accidents for users. Parents are instructed to keep an eye on their children's usage of these applications on their smartphones.