A Dazzling Display: Samsung Unveils the New The Wall IWC Series

Samsung has expanded the capabilities of its cutting-edge technology with the new IWC series of The Wall displays. These new Micro LED displays boast brightness levels of up to 1,800 nits, ensuring high-quality images even in brightly lit environments. Additionally, the Black-Seal Technology+ delivers impressive contrast ratios. Thanks to Ultra-Chroma technology and AI-driven image optimization, content is displayed in lifelike colors and up to 8K resolution. The IWC series is now available from selected distributors with pixel pitches of 0.84 mm, 1.26 mm, and 1.68 mm.

In showrooms, as well as in the representative entrance areas of hotels, boutiques, and companies, lighting conditions are often variable: sunlight streams through windows, spotlights highlight specific areas, and ceiling lights illuminate floors broadly. For large-format displays, these changing light conditions can be problematic, potentially causing uneven image quality with some screen areas appearing darker and less vibrant. It is crucial, therefore, that the display quality remains consistently high regardless of ambient lighting. Samsung’s new IWC series addresses this need precisely.

“With our The Wall products, we have been offering high-quality solutions in the high-resolution display market for years,” says Steven Pollok, Director of the Display Division at Samsung Electronics GmbH. “Based on Micro LED technology, these models deliver excellent image quality, tailored to the room and individual requirements. Thanks to the new IWC series, even more customers can now leverage this high-end technology for their purposes.”

High Brightness for Bright Rooms

The IWC series is available with pixel pitches of 0.84 mm (model name: IW008C), 1.26 mm (model name: IW012C), and 1.68 mm (model name: IW016C). This allows content to be displayed in resolutions up to 8K. Thanks to the integrated MICRO AI processor, this is also possible with lower-resolution images: the Artificial Intelligence analyzes the content and upscales it accordingly.

A peak brightness of 1,800 nits, or 1,600 nits for the IW016C model, ensures high image quality regardless of lighting conditions. Surface reflections on the display are minimized by a special film. Additionally, the Black-Seal Technology+ produces deep blacks for high contrast and impressive depth.

Realistic Image and Video Representation

Brightness and depth are useless if colors are not rendered realistically. Therefore, Samsung has integrated Ultra-Chroma technology into the IWC series. It produces narrower wavelengths, resulting in purer and more precise RGB colors than traditional Samsung LEDs.

In addition, the displays feature 20-bit color depth for precise color mapping and linear grayscale. This results in smooth gradients and high color richness for detailed and natural textures. This realistic representation is particularly beneficial for architectural and planning offices as well as control rooms.

Surprisingly Simple Installation

The Wall’s modular design offers almost limitless installation possibilities. The individual cabinets can be arranged in both portrait and landscape formats. Even square shapes or around-the-corner setups are possible.

Installation is surprisingly simple: the individual modules are pre-configured and calibrated at the factory, making assembly easier. Additionally, only one S-Box is needed to play high-quality images and videos.

Once installed, the individual cabinets of the IWC series offer a lifespan of up to 150,000 hours. If something does go wrong, front service access ensures easy maintenance of the individual modules.