Apple and Google Unveil Best Apps and Games of 2023 as Part of Year-End Celebrations

Apple and Google have revealed their top apps and games for 2023 as part of their annual year-end celebrations. While Apple has kept its selection straightforward, offering a single winner in each category, Google has spread its recognition across multiple awards. Let’s dive into the highlights from Apple’s lineup.

For the best iPhone apps and games of the year, here’s a concise summary:

  • iPhone app of the year: AllTrails
  • iPad app of the year: Prêt-à-Makeup
  • Apple Watch app of the year: SmartGym
  • iPhone game of the year: Honkai: Star Rail
  • iPad game of the year: Lost in Play
  • Mac game of the year: Lies of P
  • Apple Arcade game of the year: Hello Kitty Island Adventure

AllTrails clinched the iPhone app of the year title. This platform, existing since 2010, caters to hikers and mountain bikers worldwide by providing access to picturesque and challenging routes.

For those seeking a wintry walk in December, AllTrails is a recommended app to explore.

Prêt-à-Makeup secured the iPad app of the year. Described as a “digital face chart notepad,” this app allows users to design makeup looks. Its visual style blends cartoonish and realistic elements. The app is free to download but offers a subscription for access to a vast array of virtual cosmetics, boasting over 700 different options.

SmartGym earned recognition as the Apple Watch app of the year. This fitness app, revamped earlier in the year but existing since 2016, offers on-watch gym workouts and tracks metrics. While it’s free to try, subscriptions start at £6.99 per month for unlimited workout access.

Moving on to games, Honkai: Star Rail was crowned Apple’s iPhone game of the year. Released in April 2023, this game is available for iPhone, PlayStation 5, and PC. It resembles Genshin Impact and operates as a 3D third-person action adventure with turn-based battles, developed by a Chinese subsidiary of the company behind Genshin Impact. However, note that Honkai: Star Rail allows substantial in-app purchases, so parental guidance is advised.

Lost in Play emerged as the iPad game of the year, featuring a beautifully drawn puzzle adventure. Initially launched on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022, this charming game tells the story of siblings and is available for download for free, with a £5.99 fee to unlock the full game.

Lies of P, an unconventional Pinocchio adaptation with a Dark Souls-inspired theme, secured the title of Apple’s Mac game of the year. Meanwhile, Hello Kitty Island Adventure was recognized as the Best Apple Arcade game.

Apple also highlighted several notable titles for their “cultural impact,” including the food waste app Too Good to Go, the relaxing game Unpacking, Finding Hannah, the accessibility communication app Proloquo, and the digital kids’ playbook Pok Pok.