Android 15 Could Introduce Battery Health Stats, Similar to iPhone 15

Android users might soon have access to a battery health percentage feature akin to what iOS devices offer. Unlike Android, iOS has long provided users with a battery health screen, offering insights into the battery’s maximum capacity in comparison to its original state. This functionality might finally make its way to Android, as hinted at by recent discoveries within the Android 14 QPR2 (Quarterly Platform Release 2) beta 2 update.

While the ‘battery health’ screen remains dormant within the beta version, Android Authority and Nail Sadykov uncovered clues suggesting its imminent arrival. Though inactive, the code within alludes to its future functionality: displaying the “estimated percentage of charge the battery can currently hold compared to when it was new.”

Much like iOS’s feature, this addition aims to provide users with a clear overview of their battery’s degradation over time. Though the exact launch date remains unspecified, its presence within the Android software implies its impending release.

Speculation arises that Android 15 might be the platform to introduce this feature, potentially making its debut as an exclusive offering for Pixel phones. However, this possibility remains unconfirmed.

While there’s a chance this feature might never come to fruition and could be shelved, Google’s recent strides suggest a contrary likelihood. The latest Pixel Feature Drop introduced a ‘battery information’ screen detailing the battery’s cycle count and manufacturing date.

Additionally, Google opened up certain battery APIs to third-party app developers in Android 14, enabling the development of apps capable of estimating battery health. Though similar in intent to Google’s endeavors, these third-party apps might lack the accuracy expected from a built-in system. Overall, signs point toward Google actively working on integrating a battery health feature into Android, showcasing its commitment to enhancing user experience in this aspect.