Google Wallet Set to Support “pkpass” Files for Apple Wallet Compatibility

Google Wallet is on its way to becoming an even more versatile tool for managing digital passes, as indications emerge that it will soon offer support for the same pass files used by Apple Wallet.

Google’s wallet aims to transform your phone into a complete digital wallet, allowing you to leave behind physical credit cards thanks to your device’s NFC chip and even storing digital versions of your driver’s license in certain countries. A key part of this vision are electronic passes, such as tickets and digital boarding passes that facilitate your activities when you’re out and about.

However, so far, it has faced challenges in matching the functionality and adoption that Apple Wallet has achieved within the iPhone ecosystem. There, it’s common to see apps and services offering the option “Add to Apple Wallet” for tickets and digital passes, while integration with Google Wallet is not as prevalent.

But this could change soon. Google has been working on support for “pkpass” files, the format used by Apple Wallet to add passes on iOS devices. Some Android users have reported that this week they have been able to open and import “pkpass” files directly into Google Wallet. Although this functionality is not yet available to everyone and appears to be part of a server-side update by Google, it is a promising step towards greater platform interoperability.

This advancement represents a potential game-changer for Google Wallet, as it could facilitate mass adoption of the service by allowing Android users to take advantage of the wide range of passes already available to iPhone users.